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Eligibility Criteria

For admission in the B.Ed. Course candidate must have teaching subjects at Bachelor/Master Degree level.

  1. (i) ‘Teaching subject’ means a subject offered by the candidate at his/her Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Examination either as a compulsory subject or as an optional subject or as a subsidiary subject, provided that the candidate studied it for at least two years and also taken University Examination each year. This shall not include such subjects as were studied by him/her only for a part of the Bachelor’s Degree Course shall not be considered as teaching subject. Thus the qualifying subjects like General English, General Hindi, General Education/History of Indian Civilization and Culture, Elementary Mathematics, etc. prescribed for the First Year T.D.C. or Second Year Course of the University or a subject dropped by a candidate at the Part-1 stage of the Degree Course shall not be treated as a teaching subject. In the case of Honours Graduates, besides the honours subject, the subsidiary subjects would also be taken into account, provided the candidate studied the same for last two academic sessions and also passed University Examination. The mark sheet of Final year examination should clearly indicate the marks of compilation of Part I, Part II and Part III in the case of three years degree course or Part II and Part III examinations in the case of two years degree course separately.
  2. (ii) Only such Candidates shall be allowed to offer Social Studies for the B.Ed. Examination as have taken their Bachelor’s Degree with atleast two subjects out of History, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology.
  3. (iii) A person having Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture shall be allowed to offer General Science and Biology for B.Ed. Examination. General Science may also be allowed to be offered by a candidate passing the Degree of B.Sc. (Home Science) or passing the B.Sc. Examination with Chemistry with any one subject of Life Science, i.e. Biology or Botany or Zoology.
  4. (iv) A candidate who has offered Political Science or Public Administration at his Bachelor’s or the Master’s Degree Examination shall be eligible to offer Civics as a teaching subject in the B.Ed. Examination. Explanatory notes to eligibility rules:
    1. For the purpose of PTET merit, Faculty-wise, candidate’s Faculty is the Faculty in which he/she has passed the graduation examination, which is the qualifying examination and enables him/her to offer subjects for practice teaching. The P.G. Examination of a different Faculty other than that of graduation shall neither be taken into consideration for determining the merit nor for offering a school teaching subject.
    2. Where a candidate has passed Post Graduate Examination in two subjects of the same Faculty, which is different from the Faculty of graduation, he/she may be assigned the Faculty of P.G. Examination for determining the merit, if chosen so provided both the subjects of P.G. Examination are School teaching subjects.
    3. Economics cannot be offered by a Commerce Graduate.
    4. Those who are not able to offer atleast two practice teaching subject for B.Ed. Course in accordance with subjects shown against B.Ed. Colleges must not appear in the PTET as admission will not be allowed with a subject which is not on the syllabus of B.Ed. in any of the University. Candidates who have passed B.B.A./B.C.A./B.E. or any such degree which don’t have any school teaching subject are not eligible for admission in B.Ed. Course.
    5. Anyone who is not fulfilling any of the eligibility conditions as on the last date prescribed for submission of online application form for PTET-2013 must neither apply nor appear in the test as the appearance in the test will be treated as cancelled and admission will not be allowed even if he/she is in merit on account of having appeared in the test and even in the case where admission has been allowed erroneously due to non-checking of the eligibility of the candidate. The admission shall be treated to have been cancelled at any stage of noticing the same.
    6. The candidate not eligible in terms of rules shall not get any right by depositing the registration or admission fee with the scheduled bank.
    7. (a) As per rules in vogue for admission to B.Ed. Course in a Teacher Education Colleges in Rajasthan, a candidate passing a Degree Examination of three years’ duration (after intermediate) conducted by a University where Part I Examination is not conducted by the University and the marks obtained there at are not included in the marks sheet of Part II for the award of division, is not eligible to appear in PTET for admission to B.Ed. Course. (b) In case of Honours Graduate, if he/she has not studied the same subsidiary subject for at least two years taking University Examination for both the years separately, he/she is not eligible to offer the subsidiary subject as a teaching subject and so to appear in the PTET. (c) Those candidates who have passed Graduation through Correspondence Course from any University by taking only one University Examination or have not studied through 10+2+3 scheme or 10+1+3 (old scheme) are not eligible to appear in PTET. BAP will not be treated equal to 10+2 for the purpose of admission in B.Ed. Course.