[Answer] Where is this ornate tiled building?

[Answer] Where is this ornate tiled building?

1. Pakistan 2. United Arab Emirates 3. China 4. India

Where is this ornate tiled building?

India – Amer Fort (also known as the Amber Fort) is located in Jaipur, India. It was originally built during the 16th century by Maan Singh, a general who served Mughal Emperor Akbar. The fort was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, and it’s not hard to see why. The sandstone-and-marble structure boasts courtyards, gardens, and halls to explore, including Diwan-e-Khas (the Hall of Private Audiences), which is decorated with intricate glass designs. Tourists frequently visit the site due to its historical and architectural importance, but guests can also participate in tours and related activities, such as evening light shows. :

The striking images of the baths, which is still open today despite being threatened with closure several times, show ornate ceilings and a beautifully-tiled pool.

Other pictures show locker rooms, protective railings on upper balconies overlooking the huge pool and the red-brick exterior of the building.

The baths were opened in 1907 as an addition to a free library,  forming a group of public buildings.  A stairwell in the building is pictured

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