[Answer] Where is North America’s largest rainforest?

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…1. Hawaii 2. Alaska 3. Puerto Rico 4. Florida

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Alaska – At 16.9 million acres, Alaska’s Tongass National Forest isn’t just the largest rainforest in America — it’s the country’s largest national forest of any kind, by a long shot. And though rainforests aren’t the most well-defined of geological features, the name is certainly a giveaway: they’re marked by heavy rainfall (about 110 inches per year, in Tongass’ case) and home to diverse wildlife. About 5.7 million of those acres are protected Wilderness Areas, which is good news for the abundant wildlife that calls it home: everything from Sitka black-tailed deer and Pacific salmon to grizzly bears and bald eagles can be found there. The land itself is no less majestic, with fjords, glaciers, and waterfalls being just some of the features that make the Tongass so stunning.:

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