Glass octopuses are among the smallest octopus species. What is the largest?

The Question: Glass octopuses are among the smallest octopus species. What is the largest?

A Giant Pacific octopus
B Yellow octopus
C Southern giant octopus

The giant Pacific octopus is widely considered to be the biggest species, with an average length of 14 feet. They can weigh up to 100 pounds—although the largest known specimen was 600 pounds and 30 feet long. (Some believe the seven-arm octopus of the Atlantic is even larger, but so little is known about it that the crown is given to the giant Pacific octopus.)

The correct answer is Giant Pacific octopus.


What kind of deep-dwelling octopus is this?

The Question: What kind of deep-dwelling octopus is this?

A Glass octopus
B Blue-ringed octopus
C Mimic octopus

The glass octopus lives where sunlight cannot reach, at depths of about 3,000 feet. Glass octopuses are transparent and nearly invisible to predators in the darkness of the deep ocean. They live in the subtropical and tropical oceans and are among the least studied and understood of octopus species.

The correct answer is Glass octopus.


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